Mountain gliding school

Mountain Glider School offers:

- mountain gliding courses
- basic acrobatics courses
- instrument flying ( covered windshield )
- ridge soaring
- scenic flights

I Regulations of performing flights GSS AP "ŻAR"
1. Valid mambership fee in your local aeroclub ( in addition, the student pilot should posseses a written opinion on his/her flight training confirmed and signed by the chief instructor and the leading instructor or the aeroclub's chief manager )
2. Valid check-ride and theory check
4. Insurance
5. Valid bills for last manth's flights, not later than by the 5th day of the next month.

II The chief instructor or instructor in charge decides on performing flights with particular type of sailplane or airplane..

III Pilots entitled to own the Silver Gliding Badge , the Gold Gliding Badge and the Tripple-Diamond Badge , as well as Poland's Record's holders are released from the sailplane payment.

IV Pilots who prove ( not later than in seven days ) to have made a cross-country flight according to the requirements of Sports Codebook will get a 50% discount in sailplane usage

Payments for non-members of the Polish Aeroclub is as follows

22,00 PLN for each begun 100 meters of the sailplane's tow
86,00 PLN for each hour of the sailplane's flight

12,00 PLN - costs of operational control of a glider

160,00 PLN - annual administrative fee

Other payments:

Hangar's rental charge for gliders: 2PLN/day

The price-list has been valid since June 1, 2005